Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Machinery Of Ignorance and Madness

Conservatives again have affirmed their support in the abuses of the people, have taken up papered law arms in their cowardly war against the afterthought citizens which threaten their seats of power.

They wish to suspend programs to protect women from assault, rape and murder in domestic violence situations. Any defense of American womanhood, albeit in the event of prevention of abuse, equal pay, childcare, etc are all secondary to that of the masochistic agendas they champion.

There is no concern that children are fed, care little that institutions of education are well supported, nor that the defenseless are also protected from abuses in the home. Women and children are disregarded as important in a society where men are always at the top of the food chain and the other gender and those in time of youth are only a secondary consideration.

Rebublicans and even many closed mouthed self-professing Christian Democrats support a law which would force a woman who needs an abortion to first undergo a transvaginal ultrasound with an internal probe, against their will. This action, which could easily be considered rape at the hand of the state is deplorable to those who might have already been in situations of rape already, all to protect an embryo they care not for post-birth.

Police batter their own citizens as they peacefully assemble in the streets, shoot them with tear gas, pellets, beat them with the arms supplied by the very citizens they assault. What speaks more of brutality than the scenes of a sobbing elderly woman poisoned by the state for standing in solidarity with fellow citizens, than of those held in the constraints of a wheelchair trapped by the fight between police and man speaking out for self, for justice?

Republicans have no qualms with going into transoceanic countries on terrorist missions murdering foreigners on their own soil in the name of "international protection and freedom," yet care not when young men are gunned down in the street in their own neighborhoods on US soil.

Domestic terrorism isn't just a matter of the twin towers going down, it is the obvious neglect of those in power and those who work for policing agencies to uphold the oaths they've taken to serve and protect the citizens that put them office and pay for their salaries with the tax dollars they must relinquish to the state under order of the law.

We cage countless of 1000's in prisons with no thought to rehabilitation, no prevention education in our schools and in our communities. Better to either have our men dead on sidewalks or held behind bars than to acknowledge that what we are teaching the youth in America is simply not factual and that this is not a post-racial society.

This is a society still in transition after a glossed over time of slavery and barbaric actions by those who wish to shy away from the atrocities which happened and still today occur so as to rid themselves of moments of discomfort. It is easier to block out the accusatory eyes of those you place your shoe upon the neck of if there are fewer faces of color seen in the street to encounter.

We are time and again reminded in this country that the only life important to those in power are white males and zygotes. Yet there remain those who back the Caucasian, heterosexual male agendas with their votes of revocation of protections for those in their own race, their own gender or sexual orientation. Sellouts bought with the penance of hope for acceptance by those they will never earn the respect of, as only flippant tolerance is given to those who serve a temporary purpose.

And in all of this, they feel vindicated by authority of political position and Biblical quotation. They exhibit constant proofs of disregard for life, lack of common decency and fail to implement the very Christian ideals they claim to uphold as they establish legal abuses upon the People. Yet, they want to save tissue at all cost, as they perceive it to be "life?" It's absurd to think in our nation, there are droves of those in power who claim that zygotes are all important, while post-birth lives are devalued every day.

How tragic is it that women, children, foreigners, the poor, minorities, homosexuals, the hungry and elderly are all causalities in a system where white males and blastocysts are protected by the machinery of ignorance and madness which holds the power in this nation.


Anonymous said...

Great article. It's a great article because you easily articulate the concerns of free -thinking women who aren't stifled by their religious beliefs. I’m sure there are better explanations but for me it boils down to this: Men are afraid of Women and their God given power and in order to not fall victim to that power they oppress. It’s also a good article because you don’t just state the problem but a solution within the body of the article for issues that impact citizens like schooling, homelessness and jails. Anyway thanks for having a voice for women and speaking it loud and clear.

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