Thursday, October 27, 2011


According to cost benefit analysis, what dollar figure would you assign to life or to freedom? Should the utilitarian approach employed in our society which negates the importance of the minority for the benefit of "the greater good" be used in matters of public policy? Is it not heinous to say that the joy the majority enjoy resulting only from birthright license trumps the emotional anguish, financial suffering, discrimination and loss of personal freedoms?

The blatant persecution of a people who suffer as a result of disadvantageous lawmaking based upon Biblical theorem and homophobia bares strong resemblance to the racially motivated "Christian Identity" movement. Both assert that their refusal to address the importance of the minorities rights is Biblical and therefor society as a whole should not be held morally, legally or financially accountable for the refusal of inalienable rights. But what of those who don't share the same Biblical interpretations or religious beliefs? Should those who have differing views from the majority be punished for not subscribing to societal norms?

Historically, our society has violated the personal freedoms of varying groups when monetary gain and political aspirations are a concern of those in power. Irrespective of the pains suffered by a minority of citizens, time and again politicians succumb to the voting majorities' religious viewpoints. The assumption that rights are a privilege that only those who embrace choice Biblical verses is absurd, as we would not permit murder, rape and prostitution cases to go without prosecution if they followed Biblical guidelines.

Yes, we are a country founded Under God, but we can not forget that our shores have been flooded with those who sought out freedom, who came to America to avoid abuses suffered on foreign land, who thought all were equal here. Our young continue to be bullied, suicides are humored at by those who would prefer to see a dead homosexual as opposed to a two gay men happily sharing a life together. And those who have spent decades building a life together are refused even the most basic of rights that others take for granted.

The right to marry the one you love shouldn't be contingent upon political aspirations. However, those who seek office put monetary gain and tallied votes of those who support Christian Identity discrimination above the needs of the minority. What dollar amount is needed for a woman faithfully devoted to her partner for decades to simply know the joy of ceremony in placing a ring upon her wife's finger? How can one sway the vote of a homophobic society to guarantee that if a man's lifelong partner lies dying that he will be given the opportunity to stand beside his love's bed and whisper his final goodbyes?

How do you convince a nation that everything they've been taught was not faith based, but fear based, hate based and based upon the greed of political machines at work? How long will the benefits of the majority outweigh the freedom of the minority? What human toll are we comfortable with, what amount of suffering can we as society continue to turn our heads away from? And at what point do we start seeing the pain endured by the individual rather than some socialized view of their supposed sins as being a plight against the collective whole?

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